I dig on books -the novels, mind you. I'd kill for a whole set of Nicholas Sparks' novels. i badly wanna have my very own Gibson Les Paul. and, i got everybody singing "WOAH!" XD i always have my pen with me. i doodle and sketch on every back-page of my notes.

i procrastinate..a lot. and i know i should get rid of that but i just can't. it's been a part of my daily habits. I'm not like most girls. i don't fancy shopping, or painting my nails, or trying out stilettos. i don't really know why, but i feel like I'd rather stay home and do whatever i want to without even getting conscious of how i look. that's just the way i live life.

i can say I'm a laid-back person. Having a relaxed or casual atmosphere or character is the best solution there ever was --in my opinion. in my perception. I am an optimist and the glass is half-full. I barely get disappointed. I am always neutral.

I am part of "Save the Vowels" movement.
For your sanity and mine,
Type out your DAMN words.
Thank you.

and for me, simplicity is the most ultimate form of sophistication. ^^oh well it's nice to know you                                                                                                           read this description up until the end.

Oh, and you, yes you.
Here are some few reminders I suggest you put on your list of priorities in running your life at ease:

- kill your timid notion.
- keep calm and suit up.
- it kills the mood when there's nothing left to say.
- stop. breathe. cry if you must.
- Yes, you're worth it. Screw what they say.
- when you get sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.
- replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.
- take pictures.
- drink coffee.
- lay down outside, close your eyes, and breathe
- face your reflection in the mirror and shout, "HECK YEAH, YOU'RE AWESOME."
- at the end of the day, i want you to promise me you'll say these four words out loud: "holy shit. i'm alive." Now scream it.